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"Although passion and commitment is arguably a must in the behavioural therapy environment, there are several things that must come together to achieve a successful outcome. Other key attributes include: street credibility, community credibility, religious credibility, and a holistic approach.

Usman's approach is unique. He approaches Islam through the perspective that there is an intrinsic spiritual pathway. This approach finds credence with those that he interacts with because it reduces things down to their constituent parts; it deals with the subjective and inter-subjective nature of reality so that things can be reconstructed within a new understanding and framework that embraces pluralism, reinforces personal and social harmony, and is consistent with humanistic values.
The intrinsic spiritual pathway re-conceptualises nearly everything, not just those elements that might have a role in promoting an us versus them worldview that could then lead to violence. In Mr Raja's words this approach is to re-radicalise individuals with emphasis on humanity, global harmony, and the peaceful co-existence between the individual, society, and his/her creator. Approaching subjective perception in this manner, rather than trying to convince people that they have interpreted the religious texts incorrectly, there is a fundamental sea change in the individuals identity, worldview, and the way they conceptualise the religion. In doing so they willingly adopt a whole new conceptual framework. Thus, instead of trying to convince the individual that he/she went astray because they misinterpreted religious text, those that Mr Raja mentors willingly adopt a whole new conceptual framework. This also provides greater resiliency against slipping back into an extremist or destructive mindsets because it fundamentally changes the individuals entire concept of their role in society."

Dr Douglas Weeks



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