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Q&A: 'Muslim Patrol' Extremist On His New Life

Jordan Horner is a convicted extremist who was jailed for his role in a "Muslim Patrol" which tried to enforce Sharia law on Londoners by shaming them in YouTube videos.

Since coming out of prison on licence, he says he has been reformed and is sorry for

the distress he caused victims.


Ex-'Muslim Patrol' Member Sorry For Sharia Videos

A convicted extremist who was a member of the so-called "Muslim Patrol" has apologised to his victims and told Sky News he has been reformed.

Jordan Horner was part of a vigilante gang who tried to enforce Sharia law on the streets of east London between December 2012 and January 2013.

How we changes the views of Extremists

Re-integration and De-radicalisation of Extremists

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