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Cagefighter cures Terrorists

Over six months Usman Raja gave CNN exclusive access to his pioneering work with The Unity Initiative; speaking for the first time about his work with former terrorists.

Cagefighter's path to anti-terror inspiration

The Unity Initiative is also behind what UK officials say is the most successful effort they have seen to de-radicalize some of the most hardline Islamist extremists being released from UK jails, including around a dozen convicted terrorists who recently completed their prison sentences.

A cagefighter's success fighting terror

Veteran cagefighter Usman Raja has so far worked to deradicalize 10 convicted terrorists after they completed their prison terms in the UK.

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Convicted terrorist calmed by cagefighting

Since 9/11 around 250 Islamist extremists have been imprisoned in the UK after being convicted of terrorism-related charges.



From 2009 to 2015 The Unity Initiative delivered 95% of its work Pro-Bono

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