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The MMA Cage is an environment to find oneself, a battlefield for both the mind and the body. There is no pretence of toughness that survives the testing ground of the Fighters Gym, no bravado that allows you to hustle respect. 

Under the guidance of a Shaykh Ali,

The martial disciplines took on a new meaning and became a route to find inner peace and give back to the wider community.

Growing up as victims to horrific racism and violence from an early age, Usman and Suleman Raja were moulded by the streets with a ready fighting instinct and short fuse.  It was in their late teens after regular run ins with the law that they were introduced to professional fighting and the discipline of training.

This crossroads allowed a change in the direction of their lives that saved them from the professional criminal path that those they had grown up with, would eventually take.

The pedigree of the Raja's training and fight experience, speaks for itself. From personal accomplishments in multiple disciplines including national championships, to a stable of World Championship Fighters.

The strong relationships developed have allowed for a family atmosphere within the fight team where each member feels welcomed and valued.


The pioneering training methods have not just included the mechanics of the various martial arts, whether it be Professional Boxing, Muay Thai or the grappling arts, wrestling or BJJ, but also the psychological aspects.


Training the fighters in an Operate Flow Combat system that consists of response rather than aggressive reaction, allows the fighter to execute techniques from a mindful flow state rather than a referencing state. Cultivating composure in the ring and beyond.

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